Posters: an impression of the Tuesday sessions

Poster sessions this time look different; instead of row upon row of paper posters, we entered the age of interactive monitors. An impression of the session.

Tuesday, at Monitor 2, Awa Gindeh showed that suspected individuals with TB who are smear-negative have increased Th1 cytokines compared to smear-positive individuals. High bacterial load shifts the spectrum from a Th1 to Th2 cytokine responses.

Alieu Faburay showed that Lowenstein Jensen media with both glycerol and pyruvate was better than each alone but not as good as the MGIT in culturing M. tuberculosis. The same results were obtained for M. africanum, a slow-growing bacterium and prevalent in West Africa.

Willy Ssengooba from Uganda showed the usefulness of the TB LAM test in identifying patients with lineage 3 M. tuberculosis in both sputum and blood.

Niania Rakotosamimanana from Madagascar showed the usefulness of the desaturase A1 antigen in identifying latent TB.

At Monitor 3, Joseph Fokam from Cameroon showed that 79% of individuals on ARVs in Cameroon had a viral load of <1000 RNA copies/ml. 54% of those with an unsuppressed viral load was in adolescents. Hence, a concerted effort needs to be done in this adolescent group to prevent the development of drug resistance.

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